Nordic Noir Talks: Meet Carin Gerhardsen

Thursday 6th April at 18:30

NORDIC NOIR TALKS – meet the authors behind the crimes.

Nordic Noir and Scandinavian Mystery have taken the world by storm but what’s behind the success? Are our Scandinavian societies hotbeds for murders and crime? Meet the authors behind the crimes and find out for yourselves!


Thursday 6th April 18:30

MEET CARIN GERHARDSEN on Thursday 6th April in our Stockholm shop. We say ’if you dare’ only because she’s literally been killing off people in southern Stockholm for years in her Hammarby novels (to be fair she’s been solving the crimes as well with a little help from Detective Inspector Conny Sjöberg and his murder investigation team at the Hammarby police).

A gripping feast for all fans of Jo Nesbø, Camilla Läckberg and Henning Mankell. So far three of her eight novels in the series have been translated into English.

ADVANCE TICKETS (60:- incl. refreshments) are available at the bookshop or online from

Limited seating – get your ticket today.

NORDIC NOIR TALKS is a series of talks with Nordic crime writers. Don’t miss the other talks with:
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