Om oss

Wild & Arrow is a ethical jewelry brand.
Our store and workshop is located near Nytorget and Vitabergsparken in Sofo, Södermalm.
Besides the Wild & Arrow jewelry you will find carefully selected vegan accessories, clothes, perfume and gifts from independent designers like us.


Måndag12:00 - 18:00
Tisdag12:00 - 18:00
Onsdag12:00 - 18:00
Torsdag12:00 - 18:00
Fredag12:00 - 18:00
Lördag12:00 - 17:00


Wild & Arrow Jewelry – FLASH SALE

We´re having a little FLASH SALE on all Wild & Arrow Jewelry!15% OFF our own handmade jewelry both in our store at Renstiernas gata 29 and online. The discount will automatically be applied online and the offer lasts until this... Läs mer

Black Friday Weekend -Flash Sale 30-50%

Just now we are celebrating many events at the moment so that is why we have this FLASH BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE with 30%-50% off!
Celebrate our 2 years with us, our moving to the new premises soon and the last... Läs mer

SoFo-night- open till 20!

Lots of nice things still on sale for 30-50% off the price!

And don´t miss our unique and one-off samples and the autumn-NEWS.

Welcome in and enjoy something cool to drink and our style that we call Modern Vintage!

Thank You-sale continues: Green Dot Treasure Hunt!

The Thank You-sale continues one more week with a Green Dot Treasure Hunt!

We had so much fun with the Thank You-sale last week, that we wanted to thank you even more. So the Thank You-sale continues for one more week... Läs mer

Sommarrea på Kunigunda

Idag startar Kunigundas sommar rea! Massor av fina plagg på 30 procent rea!
Get them here!

Vi fortsätter firandet!! Rean har just startat och vi har 50% rabatt!!

Vi fortsätter firandet!!
Rean har just startat och vi har 50% rabatt!!
Kolla in de här varma och sköna kapporna med lammull. 40% drar vi av. Bara några stycken kvar!!