Hosting event : The Power of Girlfriends!

Nothing enhances the power of your femininity as much as being around other women – interacting with them, getting inspired by them, admiring them and sharing your feelings, issues and also joys together. A supportive circle of girlfriends can be invaluable during harder periods in your career or private life.

During ages, women used to keep together and help, encourage and even protect each other. Unfortunately, our current lifestyle has made us forget this and even see other women as a threat to our well being both privately and professionally.

So this event is about learning the importance of and active creation of meaningful and supportive circle of friends around yourself. Also, what are your patterns of behaviour towards your girlfriends, how you can increase your own charisma and power when you help other women to grow and shine.

The event will be in a cozy boutique Sofo Popularities in Nytorget, Södermalm. It is about learning about yourself but also about meeting other women and practising making meaningful connections :). The event is limited to 12-15 women.

The fee is 100SEK, prepaid by Swish to 0723232102.