How it all began

Building on the principles of the design and ceramics, L:a Bruket founder Monica Kylén began exploring skincare out of necessity. As a trained ceramic artist, Monica was creating a line of homeware products and needed a wholesome, natural soap to demonstrate the funtionality of her design. Unable to find any that met her philosophy for design and quality, she set out making some for herself. This is how L:a Bruket started and still operates today.

An uncompromising approach toward working with the best ingredients that nature has to offer, providing a functional benefit for the user and drawing inspiration from a close relationship to nature continue to guide our brand and team. Monica´s passion touches everything we do, resulting in uncompromising quality and the desire to change a simple routine into a daily celebration.

At L:a Bruket we belive that no matter what is happening in our lives, the moments we take for ourselves every morning should be a reward for yourself and preparation for the day ahead.