Råw Projects pop-up shop

Through Raw Projects, Emma Dahlqvist and Sanna Bodén investigate the possibilities of working with plant pigments for dyeing fabrics in a circular system by refining waste from local restaurants and industries. Everyday, food and waste is thrown away from restaurants, grocery stores and industries. Waste that could in fact serve as resources if, with the help of the design process, they were refined into something new – in this case natural textile dyeing pigments. This pop-up shop, open only during two weekends, showcases unique garments designed  by Emma and Sanna, that have been dyed using discarded roses, red onion skins, among other things.

Welcome to the opening party on Thursday 4/4 between 17-19. The pop-up will otherwise be open from 4/4-13/4, Thursdays and Fridays 12-18 and Saturdays 12-16.