STORY By FLYTE – Now On Kickstarter

STORY is the first levitating timepiece that travels through the air allowing you to personalize your own time and your most special journeys.

Our Kickstarter campaign is now live! 🎈🎉👏 ! Support it and be one of the first to receive a STORY. Click here to see the project.

Once upon a time, our ancestors could look up at the night sky and read it like a clock. They created stories about the stars, the sun and the moon that we still use today. We all share a 365 day journey around the sun, but how we experience that journey can be very different.

We all perceive time differently, shouldn’t our clocks do the same?

STORY is also a metaphor of our planet revolving around the sun, reminding us that time is not just something we keep hidden in our pockets, but a physical and shared experience.

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Every year, TIME selects the best inventions that are making the world better, smarter and — in some cases — a little more fun.¨ FLYTE LIGHT, our first creation was in this prestigious list in 2016. See the article here.

Much love,
The FLYTE Team