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The book lover’s paradise! We’re an independent bookseller stocking a wide selection of everything from fiction, classics and children’s books to history, science and current affairs – all in English of course. We also host reading groups, author’s visits, children’s readings and much more. Welcome!


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Nordic Noir Talks: Meet Carin Gerhardsen

Thursday 6th April at 18:30

NORDIC NOIR TALKS – meet the authors behind the crimes.

Nordic Noir and Scandinavian Mystery have taken the world by storm but what’s behind the success? Are our Scandinavian societies hotbeds for murders and crime? Meet the... Läs mer

Breakfast Talk with Maggie Gee

Breakfast Talk with Maggie Gee
Saturday 1st April at 10:00

Maggie Gee, a multiple award-winning British novelist, wants to talk to YOU about literature!

Maggie has written twelve books and was the first female chair of the Royal Society of Literature. A long-time... Läs mer

Release party: Four British Classics from Novellix

Thursday 24th November at 18:30 – Free and no RSVP needed.

WE ARE DELIGHTED, together with Novellix, to invite you to celebrate the launch of the new BRITISH CLASSICS series.

First off (in a lovely box designed and illustrated by Jennie Ekström)... Läs mer

Breakfast Talk: Tao Lin on Tai Pei

Breakfast Talk:
Tao Lin in conversation with Elis Burrau
Wednesday 16th November at 09:00
Advance tickets 30 kr (including coffee/tea and breakfast roll)

Tao Lin is an American novelist, poet, essayist, short-story writer, and artist. He has published three novels, several books of poetry,... Läs mer

Author reading: Lyn Coffin – The First Honeymoon

Lyn Coffin is the award winning author of 30 books. Lyn will be reading stories from her short story collection The First Honeymoon which is being reissued by Iron Twine Press.

The event is free and starts nice and early at... Läs mer

Meet author Linda Olsson

Linda Olsson in conversation with Dorotea Bromberg
Tuesday 23 August at 18:30
Ticket 50 kr (includes refreshments) available to purchase in the shop

Linda Olsson is the author of several novels, and she writes in both English and Swedish. She was born in... Läs mer

Breakfast Music: 3 Women – Sofie Livebrant, Thurs 12th May 09:00

Welcome to a new take on our popular Breakfast Talk series: BREAKFAST MUSIC

3 WOMEN – SOFIE LIVEBRANT on Emily Dickinson, Jeanette Winterson and Karin Boye
Thursday 12th May at 9:00
Advance Tickets 30 kr (including coffee/tea and breakfast roll) available for purchase... Läs mer

Breakfast Talk: Ruby Jand on Shakespeare – Thurs 21st April

Who is Hamlet? Is Lady Macbeth really evil? Can Caliban really be a twitchy speeded Goth freak? What’s so interesting about Lady Blanche, Lucius, Queen Margaret, Cassius, Paulina, Emilia, Celia...?

These questions sent the new Bardolator Ruby Jand on a journey... Läs mer